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At Fisio a Casa we work to improve people's lives

We know that health is very personal, which is why we are committed to personalised treatments and honest dedication reflected both in the treatments and in the flexibility during the visits.

Quality physiotherapy accessible to all

We believe that, since you open the doors to your home and entrust us with your health, we must deliver the highest quality of service with every visit. And this is what we aim for.


We like to compare Fisio a Casa with the specialised neighborhood store, the one that offers you the highest quality with care and respect.


Physiotherapy at home since 2015

We founded Fisio a Casa because we saw that there was a need to offer a quality, caring, and practical physiotherapy service, with the convenience of being at home.


As health professionals, we come to you so that you can enjoy all the comforts during your treatment. We bring all the material, and it’s always the same person treating you, either Anna or Marc, so we establish a relationship of trust and can monitor your progress.


We are part of the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia to ensure that we update our knowledge and provide the latest innovations in physiotherapy.

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