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At Fisio a Casa we listen to you

We create an environment of trust, empathy, and calm to deal with whatever you need.

We can help you:

  • Treat pain and muscle injuries.

  • Improve your sports performance.

  • Monitor the evolution of your pathologies.

  • Help you with postoperative and degenerative diseases.

  • Carry out preventive treatments and avoid relapses.


You’ll always have the same person at each visit, one of us. So, we can carry out a more detailed follow-up, unlike other physiotherapy companies at home.

Home Physio Services

We offer quality physiotherapy for all ages, from babies to the elderly, with a one-to-one  treatment using different physiotherapy techniques.

  • Kinesiotape

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture & dry needling

  • Active work

  • Propioception

  • Instrumental myofascial fybrolisis

  • Stretching

  • Therapeutic exercice


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Other physiotherapy services that may interest you

Family Pack

If you or your loved ones need regular physiotherapy sessions at home, this service is designed for you.


A continuous physiotherapy service for employees in their workplace, based on prevention and intervention.

Why Fisio a Casa?

The best solution for your lack of time or mobility problems:

Personalised treatment

We choose the treatment that best suits you based on your needs, using different physiotherapy techniques.

Quality and professionalism

We offer you comfort without losing quality in the service, both for specific and long-term treatments.

Calm and good vibes

We get involved at all times, always looking for the best solution and giving you the prevention tools you may need.

Comfort and proximity

We respond quickly and move wherever you need with all the material to facilitate life balance and help you save time.

  • Home physiotherapy

  • 10 years of experience

  • Flexible schedule 

  • Professionalism and proximity

  • The same physiotherapist always

  • Advanced techniques